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Sepro Pumps

Sepro Sump Pumps

Sepro Vertical Sump Pumps offer excellent wear resistance for a diverse range of applications and are simple to install on site. Sepro Mineral Systems supplies both heavy duty and medium duty models of vertical sump pumps to suit the specific process duty, including highly abrasive slurries, moderately abrasive slurries and spillage.

Sepro Sump Pumps are cast from high quality alloy steel and various heavy duty materials of construction to ensure long wear life and great performance. The cantilever design allows for simple installation without the risk of submerged bearings due to the protective sealing arrangement. Each Sepro Vertical Sump Pump is available in different spindle or column lengths depending on project design specifications. There are also interchangeable liner materials of construction to choose from including chrome, rubber, and the newly developed SH46® material.

Are Sepro Sump Pumps suitable for your application? Contact us with your completed Sepro Pump Questionnaire and one of our specialists will follow up with you.