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Sepro Pumps

Sepro Vertical Froth Pumps / Vertical Tank Pumps

Optimizing a variety of on-site processes is made simple with the cantilever style Sepro Vertical Froth Pump / Vertical Tank Pump Series. This heavy duty pump series is designed for smooth operation and ease of maintenance. Offering a strategic solution for all tough applications requiring a tank and pump integration, Sepro Vertical Froth Pumps and Vertical Tank Pumps are suitable for mineral mining process plants, flotation froth, pulp and paper, sewage and effluent applications.

Sepro Vertical Froth and Vertical Tank Pumps are cast from high quality alloy steel and various heavy duty materials of construction to ensure long wear life and great performance. These large capacity centrifugal pumps are supplied as free standing integrated units and installation is simple with no onsite alignment required. The cantilever design does not require submerged bearings or seals and all components are integrated into one unit that is self contained.

Are Sepro Vertical Froth Pumps / Vertical Tank Pumps suitable for your application? Contact us with your completed Sepro Pump Questionnaire and one of our specialists will follow up with you.